Sorceress of Sin - Mirrored Revenge


Band: Sorceress of Sin

Album:  Mirrored Revenge

Release date: November 27th, 2020

Record label: RocknGrowl Promotions

Genre: Power metal, melodic metal

From:  East Anglia, UK




Sorceress of Sin consists of Lisa Skinner – Vocals, Constantine Kanakis – Guitars, Paul Skinner – Drums, Topher O’Meagher – Bass, Tom Maclean – Bass, Orchestral Backing


The sound is quite dark, more like US power metal than the European continental variant. I think it would be safe to compare Sorceress of Sin with Chastain.

The 10 songs are quite varied, borrowing elements from many metal subgenres from thrash and speed metal to symphonic and operatic metal.

Many bands have a somewhat similar sound to what Sorceress of Sin creates. What makes them stand out to me is how well the songs create a certain mood or atmosphere, with every element, both song, lyrics and instruments working together to set the stage for the stories they tell.


The album has a wet and organic mix, which works very well, particularly on the guitars. However I could like to hear the bass drums and cymbals a bit more in the mix.


I like the different vocal styles Lisa uses to underline the mood of the songs. There are also some nice choir arrangements here that augment the songs, but that can be left out live if needed.


While Lisa has great vocals, the melody of the band is not carried by vocals alone. The guitar players does an excellent job at augmenting the songs with melodic riffs or lead melodies. I like best the songs where there both are strong vocal and guitar melodies going on at the same time.

The guitars of Constantin have a neoclassical flare, and while less up front, they remind in musical thinking of master guitarists like Timo Tolkki or Luca Turilli.

The solos on the other hand are more melodic, with a small hint of blues rock and classic metal, while at the same time drawing on the best of later 90s early 2000s melodic metal soloing.


The drums and bass guitar backs up the songs nicely, adding heaviness and drive. I could like them to take up more space in some of the compositions, but they do a great job backing up the guitar to deliver heavy or fast riffs. I like how the drums, being clearly rooted in heavy metal can draw on speed and thrash when needed.


A special mention has to be made of the keyboards, orchestral arrangements and programming. I find it really augments the bands sound and adds to the mood where included. I think it could be an interesting development for the band to include more of this, also on the more power metal styled songs.


This is a band that I will follow with great interest in the future.This is a great debut by a multifaceted band


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